I forgot my Password. How can I Login?

If you have Forgotten your Password click here and we will email it to you.

I can't log in

Are you sure you're using the right email address and password? Often people enter the wrong email address (most of us use more than one in our daily lives) or get their password wrong.

To reset your password, use the forgotten password feature.

My email address has changed. How can I change it?

Just click "My Details" link you’ll find in the drop down menu under "My Account" on the main menu bar.

How do I stop receiving tipping reminder emails?

Log into your account and visit the "My Details" page which you can locate in a drop down menu from the "My account" main menu. On the My details page simply un check the box stating: "Send me a tip reminder at least 24 hours before tipping closes If I have not submitted my tips".

How do I leave a competition?

Log into your account and visit the "My Account" page. Locate the competition you wish to leave and click on the "Leave Competition" link which is adjacent to the competition you wish to leave.

I entered tips but I have been awarded default points, why is this?

For your tips to be valid in a competition you must "SUBMIT/UPDATE TIPS" your tips for each round by clicking on the "Submit" Button at the foot of the tipping page.

Can I create a Competition once the season has started?

No problem. If you want to create a Competition and the season has already started, just go to the Create a Competition page and follow the instructions.

What does "Tipping Closed" mean?

This indicates that the deadline for placing tips has passed. The deadline for entering your tips is 1 hour pre the scheduled start time of the match.

Can I change my tips?

Yes you can change your tipping selections up to the deadline for each round, after which time the round is closed for tipping and changes. When you change your tips make sure you click the 'SUBMIT/UPDATE TIPS" button at the foot of the page to save these changes.

Can I get a reminder to enter my tips?

Entrants can automatically receive a Tip Reminder if they've selected that option in their personal Settings. Tip Reminders are sent to Entrants who have not yet tipped approx. 24-48 hours before the first Tip deadline.

We suggest Entrants check their mail servers to make sure our auto-emails aren't blocked or junked as SPAM.

I have been invited to join a Comp. I clicked on the Join Comp link, and it asked me to Login. What Username and Password do I use?

You first have to Register as a Tribal Tipping member. This is so we can maintain security of everyone's Tips and other info. On the Homepage or Login page you will see a button saying 'REGISTER', click this and it will ask you for some basic details. Once completed you will be able to access all of the Comp info.

How do I put my Tips in?

Go to your 'Tipping' page and select which Competition you want to submit Tips for. If you have not yet done so, Tribal Tipping will prompt you to Login. Provide your Username and Password and then you can get enter your tips.

How can I view the tips I made in passed rounds?

You can view all of your Tips by going to your Competitions page and selecting a Competition you are in. You will be able to navigate through each Week and select different Competitions if you are in more than one. You will be informed if that Week is closed, or that you still have time to change your Tips.

I entered some details incorrectly when I registered. Where can I change these?

You can change any of your personal details by going to the My Details page under the Account menu.

How do I Tip a draw?

Just select the Competition you wish to make the tip within from your "Competitions" and then select the middle button for the game you think will be a draw. Don't forget to click 'SUBMIT/UPDATE TIPS' when finished.

How do I see my Competition Ladder?

You can see your results by click on the 'Competition Ladder' link on your "Competitions" page, it’s on the far right hand side of the page.